Details About Sakleshpur Hill Station In Karnataka To Know Before Visiting


Sakleshpur is a small and exciting city. It is located in the region of Malnad in western Ghats and offers breathtaking vistas. In this beautiful city, the lush green hills are thickly covered with cardamom, coffee, and pepper farms, which makes them ideal for a fantastic surprise. A number of interesting sites to see in Sakleshpur as well as while traveling to Sakleshpur from Bangalore. If you don’t know, Sakleshpur to Bangalore is around more than 200 kilometers.

This picturesque hill station provides a wonderful experience for nature lovers and amazing hiking trails. A host of stately shrines, colossal forts, picturesque waterfalls, mountain rides, and biodiversity hotspots can be found in and around Sakleshpur.

Sakleshpur Tourist Places:

1. Manjarabad Fort

Manjarabad Fort in sakleshwar karnataka
Photo Credit: Notes On Indian History

Sakleshpur’s Octagonal Structure Tipu Sultan, the former king of Mysore, built this remarkable fort in 1792 to store weapons and munitions, the fort is one of the best visiting places in Sakleshpur. The octagonal shape protected the Sultan’s soldiers from the British and provided a spectacular view of vast mountain ranges. Visit this star-shaped fort to learn about the enigmatic Manjarabad setting. Cannon mounts and musket holes can be found in walls made of granite and mud that have withstood the test of time. Several chambers and tunnel areas are supposed to connect the fort to the Srirangapatna Fort. A must-see sight while traveling to Sakleshpur from Bangalore.

2. Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfalls

Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfalls in Sakleshpur
Photo Credit: Thrillophilia

Icy Falls Sakleshpur Waterfall is a five-mile guided hike. It is a must-visit destination if you want to experience the thrill of icy waterfalls over dense coffee plantations and lush foliage along the fascinating trail. The spectacular Sakleshpur falls could be seen if one hike’s through Murkannu Gudda that leads to these majestic waterfalls and the beautiful West Ghats with panoramic views. One of the best things about Karnataka is to see these waterfalls and enjoy their beauty.

3. Ayyappa Swamy Temple – Sunset Viewpoint

Sunset Viewpoint in Sakleshpur
Photo Credit: Hello Travel

Ayyappa Swami Temple is an exceptional Sakleshpur temple that provides spiritual recreation as well as a breathtaking view of the surrounding forests and river valley. It is located in Sakleshpur Lake Park, where you can walk or watch the sunrise and sunset. It is one of Sakleshpur’s revitalising tourist destinations, and it is ideal for family and friend travel. One of the reasons why sakleshpur in karnataka is so famous this is one of the best sakleshpur visiting places.

4. Belur And Halebid – Double Trouble

Belur And Halebid in Sakleshpur
Photo Credit: Oneday Tours

Belur and Halebid are twin towns that were ruled by the Hoysala Empire for three centuries, from the mid-11th to the mid-fourteenth centuries. The Hoysala Dynasty sanctuary engineering can be seen in the Belur and Halebid sanctuaries. Star-designed towns have an uncanny resemblance to one another, and travelling one after the other for the same reasons makes this feel familiar. The specific techniques used to connect the actual cut boards to the sanctuary allotments provide the brilliant stone structures with a consistent and indistinguishable appearance. It is one of the best Sakleshpur visiting places and one of the famous places of Sakleshpur in Karnataka.

5. Bisle View Point – Mesmerizing Panoramas

Mesmerizing Panoramas in Sakleshpur
Photo Credit: Sakleshpur

The Sakleshpur Bisle View Point is bordered by 3 mountain ranges with spectacular views: Doddabetta and Pushpagiri, Kumaraparvatha and Yenikallu Betta. You can take advantage of the amazing view of the valley separated from the beautiful mountains of the Giri River. This is an amazing area with unknown woodlands that house a variety of wildlife. You can see a range of species on the forest on treks in the village of Bisle such as deer, elephants, monks and peacocks. Don’t return from Sakleshpur to Bangalore without checking out this amazing viewpoint. It is one of the best Sakleshpur tourist places to visit.

6. Shettihalli Rosary Church – A Floating Church

Shettihalli Rosary Church – A Floating Church
Photo Credit: Outlook India

In 1860, Franco missionaries built the church of Shettihalli for a rich British family in the village of Shettihalli. The church has been floated in a rainy season since the Hemavathi Dam and the Reservoir were built in 1960. It is known as the floating church. Take a peek at the Gothic architecture with small boats known as the “coracle,” or in summertime visit the water in this ancient cathedral. If you’re a wildlife lover or a bird watcher, Shettihalli Church can be a fantastic place to capture bird photography. Many people have misconception that this is a Sakleshpur fort but it isn’t.

7. Jenukal Gudda Hill – The Second Highest Peak

Jenukal Gudda Hill in Sakleshpur
Photo Credit: Trawell

Jenukal Gudda, the second highest peak in Karnataka, is an exciting hiking area near Sakleshpur. Honey Stone Mountain is also known for its thrilling walk through lush green foliage and café plantations. You have a clear view of the Arabian Sea on sunny days and during the most unforgettable sunsets you will ever witness. Jenukal Gudda Peak is easily accessible by trekking and is located 8 kilometers from Betta Byraveshwara Temple. It is one of the best hill resorts in Karnataka.

Best Time To Visit

Sakleshpur in karnataka
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Bangalore to Sakleshpur distance is just more than 200km, Bangalore may be hot but Sakleshpur weather has a cold, foggy climate throughout the year, winter and summer are the finest times for visiting this beautiful hill station from October to April. Due to its amazing mountains, attractiveness, good weather, and the sightseeing suitability, winter is the greatest time to come. During the monsoon season Sakhleshpur weather is the best and it is the perfect time to visit this location. However, there will be a lot of rain, so it is best to visit during the winters when the weather is pleasant to enjoy the place.

How To Travel To Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur from bangalore
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Sakleshpur By Air

Direct flights from Bangalore to Sakleshpur are available. You can also pre-book cabs to your destination in Sakleshpur, and every flight lasts around an hour. The closest airport to Sakleshpur is Mangalore, apart from Bangalore.

Sakleshpur By Train

Traveling by train from Bangalore to Sakleshpur takes 3 hours. Regular trains run from the city to Sakleshpur.

Sakleshpur to banglore via rail
Photo Credit: Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur By Road

You can take a bus or car from Bangalore to Sakleshpur. Regular buses will take you there from Bangalore to Sakleshpur. Besides the bus, you can also hire a taxi or drive your rental car yourself.

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