Complete Travel Guide To Yercaud, The Hill Station Township In Tamil Nadu

Yercaud hill station in salem

In the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu, lies the quiet and calm hill station, the Yercaud hill station. Located in the Shevaroy Hills, it is popular for its spice plantations, coffee, and orange groves. It is situated at an approximate altitude of 1515 meters above sea level.
The Yercaud Taluk is administered as a township and also has a village council. The Yercaud Pincode is 636601.

The scenic beauty and charm of this place are unmatched. Yercaud’s weather is calm and chilly. Yercaud is the perfect place for a nice vacation. Read on to find of more about this hill station.

Places To See

The Yercaud hills are filled with tourist sights and the following are the best Yercaud tourist places.

1) The Emerald Lake

emerald lake yercaud
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It is popularly known as the Yercaud Lake or the Big Lake. Located at a convenient 1.5 km from the Yercaud Bus Stand, it is the best place for a day-long trip. The specialty of this lake is that it is the only naturally occurring mountain lake in South India. It has a lot of offers including stunning fountains and a 20 minutes boat ride. The perfect place for families, it offers a kids’ play area.

2) Deer Park

Deer Park yercaud
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For lovers of wildlife and all biodiversity, Deer Park is a must-see. It is located on the banks of the Yercaud Lake on the Lady’s Seat Road. Deer, peacocks, and ducks are sights to see here. In the afternoons, the sun goes down and the weather becomes perfect for a visit.

3) 32-KM Loop Road

the roads in yercaud
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This road is often received with mixed signals about its popularity, while some may find it dangerous, for others the thrill of a long drive and the scenic beauty around makes it a perfect visit. The surrounding areas have of late become a popular hiking spot as well. With hairpin bends, safety barricades on either side and coffee plantations, this presents as a scenic drive.

4) Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point Yercaud
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Pagoda Point is the heart of Yercaud tourism. Located 4.5 km from the main bus stand, the elevation of the land located on the eastern Yercaud Hills provides a full view of Yercaud’s beauty. It is also known as Pyramid Point because of four stones lying in a pyramid formation. This popular spot was built by the local tribes of Tamil Nadu and since then has emerged as the most popular place in Yercaud. Sri Rama Temple near Pagoda Point is a must-visit here. All this and more, make it one of the best Yercaud tourist places to see.

5) Tipperary View Point

tipperary view in yercaud
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Because of its height above sea level, Yercaud has a lot of high-altitude sightseeing available. One such place is the Tipperary View Point. It is located in the southernmost part of Yercaud. For all the nature lovers, this place is the best. The Elephant Tooth Rocks Formation is a popular sight here. The place is also known for adventure sports.

6) Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat Yercaud
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For views and vantage points in Yercaud, who could forget Lady’s Seat? Surrounded by greenery, the view in the front offers the perfect place to watch the majestic hills. The view of Salem city and the sunset view make it a place to check out. This is one of the prime Yercaud places to visit.

7) Killiyur Falls

Killiyur Falls Yercaud
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Located a short 4km from the main bus stand, Killiyur Waterfalls can be found in the Servarayan Hills of the Eastern Ghats. It is also known as the Yercaud Falls. It is one of the most visited places in Yercaud. The water cascades from a height of 300 feet in Killiyur Valley and creates a beautiful spectacle. This is a perfect place for trekking. The beauty of these Yercaud falls makes it one of the perfect Yercaud places to visit for tourists.

8) Bear’s Cave

Bear’s Cave Yercaud
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Bear’s Cave is buried almost 7 feet below the ground. It is situated in the private coffee estate of Norton Bungalow and was believed to house bears. It is seen on the way to Servarayan temple and the owner often offers it up for tourist visits.

9) Rose Garden

Rose Garden Yercaud
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The Rose Garden is one of the best Yercaud visiting places. Located in the Lady’s Seat, Rose Garden has a variety of roses to offer. The picnic and walks here are a must-have.

10) Kottachedu Teak Forest

Teak forest yercaud
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This place has it all, surrounded by trees, a river supported by a dam, and wildlife. It is a perfect place for camps, trekking, and nature walk. This forest is under government protection.

11) Anna Park

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One of the prime natural destinations to see in Yercaud is Anna Park. This Park is perfect for families or friends as it features picnic spots, play areas for kids, a scenic lake, and lots of flora. Summers here with beautiful flowers and their aromas are bliss.

12) Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Yercaud
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Botanical is yet another natural wonder of Yercaud. It has an abundance of flora and fauna with 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs. This place is spread across 18 hectares of land and is awe-inspiring.

13) Norton’s Bungalow

Nortons Bungalow
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One of the oldest places located in the Shevaroy Hills, it has a scenic charm of its own. Historically, Britishers used to visit this bungalow in the summers. This Bungalow offers pristine homestays. The path leading to the Bungalow is amazing. All in all, a perfect example of beautiful Yercaud visiting places.

14) Shervaroy Hills

Shevaroy Hills Yercaud
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In the Eastern Ghats of Yercaud, lies the mountain range of Shervaroy Hills. Best and the oldest hotels and homestays are here. The lush forest with a plateau is a sight to see. To take a break from the cities, the calmness of the Hills is perfect. The coffee plantations here are tourist destinations.

15) Orchidarium

orchids in yercaurd
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For any lover of flowers, there is no better place than Orchidarium. It has over 250 varieties to offer. These colorful flowers have been classified “Rare” by the Indian Horticulture Department. The place also has the Neelakurinji plant which blooms once every 12 years.


yercaud hills road
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Yercaud is located in Tamil Nadu in the Salem District. About 32 km is the distance of Yercaud from Salem, the nearest city. To travel, buses are operated to and from Yercaud to all other major cities. The nearest airport is the Salem Airport at 38 km. The Salem Junction railway station is 38 km away. To come to Yercaud from Salem is convenient due to all these facilities. From Yercaud to Bangalore we have a distance of 215.2 km via the NH44. Heaps of tourists come to Yercaud from Bangalore on the weekends. During bookings of transportations, the Yercaud Pincode mentioned before might be useful.

Best Time To Visit

yercaud view
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The Yercaud weather makes it a perfect place for tourism. From October to February, in the winter season, Yercaud is the best. The temperature has an average range of 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Summers here start from March till June. The Yercaud hills are a sight to see in all seasons.

Hotels And Places To Stay

sterling yercaud
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Due to the popularity of the Yercaud hill station, the Yercaud resorts and Yercaud cottages are in abundance and so it has a lot of places to stay. The hotels here are located in convenient places and are updated. The best are Hotel Shevaroys, Yellow Lake Resort, and Spa, Summer House, Grand Signature Hotel and Spa, Sterling Yercaud, etc.

The Yercaud Sterling is one of the best places to stay here, the Yercaud Club Mahindra and the Yercaud Palace are also popular with the tourists. The homestays here are often as old as the British era and have a good cultural value to them. The Yercaud cottages are pretty and located in the laps of nature. Overall, there is no shortage of Yercaud resorts.

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