18 Photos From Wild Parties In Goa In 70s And 80s Prove It Was A Party Paradise


Goa these days is a swirl of bad press, EDM festivals, and overcrowded beaches. However, back in the 70s and the 80s, it was pretty damn magnificent. After the first few hippies trickled in, the vibe got flipped. People seemed more laid-back and listened to better music as well. A Facebook page “Isra Trance” has a collection of rare pictures of those times. Here is the list of those pictures when hedons and hippies would carry sound systems and jam out all night. Let’s take a look:

1. Anjuna Beach In The ’70s

hippies in goa
Photo Credit: 7tint

Anjuna beach is a happening place where you find some decent places to party all night but in those times it surely looks different from what we know about it now. Even back then one thing looks common is the chilled-out attitude of the people.

2. A Full Moon Party

wild parties in goa
Photo Credit: Pinterest

We know Goa is famous for parties and it started way back! Just look at the energy and craziness in the picture from the past.

3. First Flea Market In Anjuna

first flea market
Photo Credit: Tripoto

If you have recently been to the flea markets in Anjuna then it has changed a lot. It’s more organized and more vivid but in the beginning, it looked something like the one in the picture above.

4. Early Flea Market In Anjuna

early flea market in goa
Photo Credit: Pinterest

These markets have become a feature that everyone loves to explore. Just see the rawness and the bright colors. You can never return empty-handed from these places.

5. Selling Charas In Anjuna Flea Market

selling charas

It’s not legal now but back then you can see how things used to be! This is probably why it is still called party heaven.

6. An Untouched Calangute Beach

calangute beach
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not everything becomes better with human intervention. Nature is one such thing that looks the best until humans destroy it. Calangute beach from the past looks much more natural and beautiful than what we have today.

7. Flea Market

flea market

Another glimpse from the markets of the past. Foreigners always find it interesting to explore Indian things like clothes and ornaments.

8. A Full Moon Party On South Anjuna Beach

full moon party
Photo Credit: OldPicturesFromInternet

This is something that we all want to join but sadly it’s hard to discover. Things have commercialized since the time this pic was taken. So cherish the past in this pic and wonder how wonderful a time people back then enjoyed.

9. Pristine Anjuna Beach

pristine anjuna beach
Photo Credit: Quora

Isn’t it beautiful? The picture looks so peaceful and untouched. You won’t get a sight like this today.

10. Anjuna Jam Band

anjuna jam band
Photo Credit: OldPicturesFromInternet

Another reason why people partied like animals in Goa even back then.

11. Selling Manali in Goa

LSD, hash, jewellery
Photo Credit: OldPicturesFromInternet

Things from Manali were sourced to goa because people needed it badly! Parties without things like this seemed incomplete even back then. Probably these are the things why people considered Goa as the party kingdom.

12. Again, A Full Moon Party

full moon party
Photo Credit: Pinterest

An untouched beach and an open-air party seem like a dream for many but it happened in Goa.

13. Gilbert Garcia Band

gilbert gracia band
Photo Credit: ScoopWhoop

Parties were like celebrations and this photo is probably not from a special day but things become special every day when you are in Goa.

14. Costume Party In North Anjuna

goa party
Photo Credit: ScoopWhoop

Things that are rarely seen in Goa today.

15. A New Year’s Eve Party

goa wild parties

The level of insanity seems 100 times better than today.

16. Full Moon Winding Down In 1979

goa wild parties
Photo Credit: ScoopWhoop

What else do you need when you have so many people partying around like crazy.

17. Anjuna Flea Market In 1982

goa flea market
Photo Credit: ScoopWhoop

These markets had gems that you cannot find today so easily. Hope you understnad.

18. A Party In Vagator In 1987

goa wild parties
Photo Credit: Pinterest

A classic pop culture party mood in here!