Kapil Dev lends his supports to Babar amid severe criticism

Kapil Dev lends his supports to Babar amid severe criticism

In the crucible of cricket criticism, Pakistani skipper Babar Azam finds an unexpected ally in the legendary Indian cricketer Kapil Dev. As the storm of disapproval swirls around Babar, Kapil Dev steps forward, lending his support and injecting a fresh perspective into the discourse. Join us as we delve into this intriguing cricket narrative, exploring Kapil Dev’s backing of Babar Azam amid the prevailing waves of scrutiny and judgment in the cricketing world. The camaraderie that transcends borders, even in the face of criticism, adds a layer of complexity and camaraderie to the ever-evolving dynamics of the gentleman’s game.

Babar Azam Faces Criticism For his Batting

Babar Azam, holding the mantle as a top-order batsman and captain, fell short of meeting the anticipated standards during the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in India. Despite entering the prestigious tournament as the No. 1 ODI batter, Babar struggled to validate his top-ranking status. Across nine innings, the right-handed batsman accumulated 320 runs, maintaining an average of 40 and a strike rate of 82.90.

Facing criticism for both his batting and captaincy during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, Babar Azam found himself in the crosshairs as Pakistan fell short of the semifinals, losing five of the nine matches. Calls for his removal as captain echoed from fans, former players, and cricket experts.

Kapil Dev in Support of Babar Azam

In the midst of the backlash, legendary Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev stepped forward to defend Babar’s captaincy. Kapil argued that criticism is centered on Babar’s recent performance rather than his overall track record. The World Cup-winning Indian captain urged observers to consider Babar’s approach to the game and recognise the talent he possesses.

Recently on The Ranveer Show, Kapil Sharma was spotted praising Babar Azam. He said, “If you say that Babar Azam is not the right choice [for captaincy] today, it is because you are looking at just his current performance. He was the same captain, who made Pakistan team No.1 [in ICC ODI rankings] six months ago.”

He further stated, “When someone gets out for zero, 99 per cent of the people would want him to be dropped. If an ordinary player comes and scores a brilliant hundred, then they call him a superstar. So don’t look at just current performance. Look at how he has approached the game, how much passion and talent he has.”

The upcoming challenge for Pakistan is the tour of Australia, featuring three Tests scheduled from December 14 to January 7. Whether Babar Azam will continue as captain for the Down Under tour remains uncertain.

In the unpredictable realm of cricket, where criticisms rain down like bouncers, Babar Azam discovers an unlikely ally in the legendary Kapil Dev. Amidst the tumult of disapproval, Kapil Dev’s endorsement not only provides a shield for Babar but also unravels the nuances of judgment in the gentleman’s game.

As Babar faces the ebb and flow of opinions, Kapil’s words echo a reminder of considering the broader canvas of performance. The cricketing camaraderie, extending beyond borders, adds a unique layer to this narrative. Now, the stage shifts to Australia, where Babar’s captaincy fate hangs in the balance, awaiting the cricketing saga Down Under.

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