List Of Traditional And Famous Food Of Assam That Will Give The Taste Of Culture


We all know Assam for its rich cultural heritage and magnificent traditions. Little did we know, it is also famous for Assam traditional dishes that are to die for. Assam has to offer an intriguing array of culinary jewels to the quintessential foodie. One of the most important things about Assamese food is that it is all about minimizing waste. Starting from rustic vegetables to the complex combination of proteins, it constitutes a varied combination of ingredients.

If you are experimental and big of heart, here is the list of traditional and famous food of Assam that will surely give you the taste of the culture:

1. Khar

khar is a assam traditional dish
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Khar is one of Assam traditional dishes that is not only a dish but an ingredient too. This ingredient is obtained by filtering out the liquid from a solution of dried, charred banana peel, and water. Khar is an Assamese delicacy that can be prepared either with pulses, vegetables, or meat. And, if we talk about health benefits, this dish has amazing digestive properties.

Main ingredients of Khar: Khar
Course: Lunch/Dinner
Season: Summer

2. Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga is a traditional food in Assam
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If you don’t know, the word “Tenga” means sour in Assam. It is one of the traditional food in Assam that is lightly spiced and tangy fish curry. Tomatoes, dried mangosteen, raw mango, elephant-apple, and lemon are the ingredients that give it a punch of sourness and make it super-delicious. This dish is mostly consumed during summer time as it is believed to enhance digestion after a heavy meal.

Main ingredients of Masor Tenga: Fish
Course: Lunch/Dinner
Season: Summer

3. Pitika

Pitika is a traditional food of Assam
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Pitika is the wholesome and tasty comfort food of Assam that is prepared with boiled vegetables or fish. A variety of ingredients such as pumpkin, red lentils, fish, potato, and eggplant can be made into Pitika after mixing it with coriander leaves, mustard oil, green chili, onion, and chopped ginger to it. This traditional food in Assam can be easily prepared and served with rice.

Main ingredients of Pitika: Fish, Potatoes
Course: Lunch
Season: Winter

4. Paro Mangxo

Paro Mangxo is a famous food of Assam
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Paro Mangxo is yet another traditional food of Assam that is made from the meat of pigeon. Even though pigeon meat is banned in other Indian states, it is a specialty in Assam. This dish is consumed during the winter months because it is believed that it gives warmth to the body. Traditionally, it is cooked with banana flowers and lots of peppercorns. This exotic dish is quite popular in the streets of Assam.

Main ingredients of Paro Mangxo: Pigeon meat
Course: Dinner
Season: Winter

5. Leta Or Polu

Leta Or Polu is an Assam famous food
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Leta Or Polu is a famous and traditional food of Assam that will surely satisfy the taste buds of spice lovers. It is a stir-fried silkworm dish that is very popular among Assamese. The pupa is boiled in water after the silk is taken out from the cocoon and then stir-fried. If you don’t know, it is a spicy tribal recipe that you must try.

Main ingredients of Leta Or Polu: Silkworm
Course: Lunch
Season: Every season

6. Duck Meat Curry

Duck Meat Curry is a famous cuisine of Assam
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Duck Meat Curry is yet another famous food of Assam that is prepared with the popular meat of the state, Duck. It is usually cooked with Ash Gourd and is mostly reserved for special occasions. This dish uses a range of whole spices that add flavor. Cooking it with sesame, lentil, or pumpkin can enhance the taste of the dish even more.

Main ingredients of Duck Meat Curry: Duck meat
Course: Lunch/Dinner
Season: Monsoon

7. Pani Hamuk

Pani Hamuk is a famous cuisine of Assam
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Pani Hamuk is Assam famous food that is made up of water snails. And, it tastes amazing when it is sourced from clean and flowing rivers. Even though it is a bit of a challenge to suck the meat out of the shell, it is totally worth the effort. Cooked with pumpkin and potatoes, it is widely prepared during the festivities in Assam.

Main ingredients of Pani Hamuk: Water Snails
Course: Lunch
Season: Winter

8. Ou Khatta

Ou Khatta is a famous cuisine of Assam
Photo Credit: Utkal Today

Ou Khatta is a delicious sweet and sour chutney that showcases the cuisine of Assam. If you don’t know, “Ou” means elephant apple in Assam. To prepare this dish, Ou is boiled and gently mashed with jaggery in it. After that, it is sauteed in oil with mustard seeds to enhance its flavor even more.

Main ingredients of Ou Khatta: Elephant Apple
Course: Every course
Season: Any season

9. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura

Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura is a cuisine of Assam
Photo Credit: Food Tours India

Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura is yet another mouth-watering dish from the cuisine of Assam. You would be interested to know that the main ingredients of this dish are chicken meat, bamboo shoots, and lentils. Even though the taste of bamboo shoot might not suit all palettes, it undoubtedly leaves behind a unique taste of the dish.

Main ingredients of Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura: Chicken meat, bamboo shoots, and lentils
Course: Dinner
Season: Winter

10. Doi-Chira

Doi-Chira is a famous cuisine of Assam
Photo Credit: Rumi Cooks

Doi-Chira is one of Assam famous foods that are perfect for breakfast. In other states of Bihar, it is famously known as “Dahi-Chura” that is eaten in the festival of Makar Sankranti. Similarly, this dish contains curd, jaggery, flattened rice, and cream. Also, it is mostly eaten at the festival of Bihu in Assam.

Main ingredients of Doi-Chira: Flattened Rice, Curd, and Jaggery
Course: Breakfast
Season: Winter