List Of Waterfalls In Gujarat That You Must Visit Once In Lifetime

waterfall in Gujarat

Gujarat is a western state of India that has some most interesting places to visit. From witnessing the Rann of Kutch to visiting the historical monuments of the place, Gujarat offers the most unique places. And, waterfalls are undoubtedly one of them. Gujarat waterfall holds mesmerizing beauty that always makes you feel heavenly. These waterfalls are surrounded by lush green forests and thieving beauty.

So, from “Zarwani waterfall” to “Gira Falls”, here are some of the serene and picturesque waterfalls in Gujarat that will put all your tension aside.

1) Gira Falls, Waghai

Gira Falls, Waghai is the waterfall in Gujarat
Photo Credit: Gujarat Tourism

The Gira Falls is a popular waterfall in Gujarat that is located about 5 km from Waghai town. This beautiful waterfall is also known as Gira Dhodh and is a 30m natural drop in the Ambica River. The massive tourist visitors here can also enjoy aesthetic handicrafts here with delicious food and snacks.

Location: 5km from Waghai
Time: June – January
Food: Tea, Snacks, Boiled corn (must try)
Rush: High

2) Girmal Waterfalls, Ahwa

Girmal Waterfalls, Ahwa is a Gujarat waterfall
Photo Credit: Gujarat Tourism

The Girmal waterfall is considered one of the tallest waterfalls in Gujarat. It is situated deep inside the wild forests of Dang to give it an oomph factor. While visiting this place, you can also see silver fog and 7 colored rainbows here. These things give this place spectacular viewpoints and pathways. The Forest department has developed a beautiful viewpoint in this place.

Location: 50 km from Ahwa
Time: July – December
Food: Tea and Snacks
Rush: Low

3) Shankar Waterfall, Dharampur

Shankar Waterfall, Dharampur
Photo Credit: Valsad District

Earlier, the Shankar Waterfall was not as famous as of now. However, it has gained the eyeballs of a lot of tourists these days. Instead of unleashing gallons of water to the bottom, this waterfall showers a thin stream of water to the earth. That is why it is possible in this waterfall to trek down to the bottom and take a shower.

Location: 40 km from Dharampur
Time: July End – December
Food: Local food
Rush: Low

4) Chimer Fall, Tapi

Chimer Fall, Tapi
Photo Credit: Find An Organization

The Chimer Fall is a famous waterfall in Gujarat that you need to make an extra effort to reach. It needs a bit of walking and passing through some farms. However, the unique factor about this place is that it has four waterfalls.

Location: 40 km from Songadh
Time: June – December
Food: N/A
Rush: Low

5) Shiv Ghat, Ahwa

Shiv Ghat, Ahwa
Photo Credit: YouTube

The Shiv Ghat is also known as Small Fall that is 10 minutes from Ahwa. To reach this beautiful place, no extra effort is needed as it falls directly on the Ahwa, Waghai road. There is a Lord Shiva temple near this waterfall and that is why it is named Shiv Ghat.

Location: 10 km from Ahwa
Time: June – January
Food: N/A
Rush: Average

6) Barda Waterfalls, Ahwa

Barda Waterfalls, Ahwa
Photo Credit: Worldorgs

The Barda waterfalls is a Gujarat waterfall that is a twelve-step fall near village Chankhal. Despite being a waterfall, it is most famous as a trekking destination for tourists. Even though it doesn’t have refreshment facilities, it is quite famous for its mesmerizing beauty and wonderful trekking.

Location: 10 km from Ahwa
Time: June – November End
Food: N/A
Rush: Low

7) Jodiya Waterfalls, Dharampur

Jodiya Waterfalls, Dharampur
Photo Credit: Tripoto

Since there are two waterfalls in this area, this waterfall is known as the Jodiya waterfall. One of the waterfalls crashes from 30 feet and another falls from 20 feet. This waterfall looks gorgeous and is considered one of the favorite waterfalls of people in Gujarat.

Location: 12 km from Dharampur
Time: June – November Mid
Food: N/A
Rush: High (Weekends)

8) Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls, Vadodara

Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls, Vadodara
Photo Credit: Darpan Dodiya

Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall is situated behind a temple of Mahadev temple. Even though this waterfall is not popular as others, it sees a high tourist rush at the time of Shivratri and monsoon season. While visiting this waterfall, you will enjoy every moment of worshipping at the temple and the serene beauty of the waterfall.

Location: 25 km from Vadodara
Time: July to Mid November
Food: N/A
Rush: High (Monsoon season & Shivratri)

9) Trambak Waterfalls, Bhavnagar

Trambak Waterfalls, Bhavnagar
Photo Credit: Tour Travel World

Trambak Waterfalls is one of the famous waterfalls in Gujarat that is 20 km from Bhavnagar City. Even though you can visit this place throughout the year, the flow of water can only be seen from July to November. You can easily reach the bottom of this place and enjoy its beauty.

Location: 20 km from Bhavnagar City
Time: July to November
Food: N/A
Rush: Average

10) Zarwani Waterfalls, Rajpipla

Zarwani Waterfalls, Rajpipla
Photo Credit: Gujarat Tourism

The Zarwani waterfall is located at Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary Narmada. It is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Gujarat that is very easy to reach. The flow of the water mainly takes place in the season from June to November. Besides its awestruck beauty, you can also enjoy tea and packed snacks in the season.

Location: Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary Narmada
Time: June to November
Food: Packed snacks & tea
Rush: Average