20 Best Places To Visit in India With Friends in Low Budget in 2022

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Enough with romantic getaways and family vacations. If you’ve been looking forward to a good trip with your friends for a long time, we’ve got everything you’ll need right here! A trip with friends strengthens friendships. So gather your belongings, enlist the help of some old pals, crank up your engines, and set out for some of the best places to visit in India with friends for the most amazing, and insane trip of your life, because holiday with friends is never enough!

Here are the 20 best places to visit in India with your friends in 2022,

1. Manali

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In Northern India, Manali is usually the first option of all college students. The ease of access, the lively atmosphere, and the beautiful mountains are just a few of the reasons why young (and old) people flock to this town. It is one of the nicest destinations to visit in India with friends, especially since the Bollywood film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ was filmed here, revealing some of the enjoyable characteristics of this hip northern town.

2. Ladakh

best places to visit in india with friends
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The river Zanskar is one of the greatest places to visit in India with friends since it freezes in the winter months of January and December and transforms into a haven for adventure seekers. The Chadar Trek, which begins in Tilat Sumdo and ends in Tilat Sumdo, will take you and your brave companions through this ice expanse surrounded by breath-taking vistas.

Laughing despite the continual worry of falling or the ice cracking is the best thing you’ll ever do to remember this excursion for the rest of your life. This is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in India to visit with friends.

3. Andaman

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Escape to Andaman, one of the most exciting spots in South India to visit with friends. Everything about this place screams ‘adventure,’ from jet boating to the Havelock Islands to finally plunging into the deep Indian Ocean. The turquoise waters that surround these stunning Indian islands are home to the most diverse array of coral reefs and marine life you’ll ever see. It is a perfect holiday destination to go with friends.

4. Pangong Tso

pangong tso
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We’ve been looking forward to visiting Pangong Tso Lake ever since we first saw it in the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots.’ Though the lake is as beautiful in person as it appears on TV, the bad news is that ‘waiting’ won’t bring you there. Getting up and planning a trip to Ladakh, on the other hand, might just work! So gather a group of nice friends who don’t mind the cold and head to the best place to visit with friends in India.

5. Goa

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Goa is a great spot to visit with friends in India. Like, Duh! But it’s the experience of riding bikes and gipsies on those seaside lanes with fun-loving companions that makes it all the more delightful. It’s the best spot on the planet to forget about your troubles, whether it’s bitterness over not getting your dream job, a break-up with your latest version of ‘I can’t live without you!’ or even a basic beach desire.

6. Gokarna

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Goa, is blessed with enough beaches to satisfy your thirst for sea, sun, and sand. Remove the noisy sea of tourists and add a laid-back environment and a hippy lifestyle. What you’ll receive is an incredible paradise in Karnataka, which is one of the best place to visit in India with friends and an eccentric vacation.

You and your friends can go to Gokarna’s numerous temples and shrines. Gokarna is one of the best places to visit in India with friends in low budget. Gorgeous beaches, lively flea markets, fascinating forts, mouth-watering seafood, and watersports are just a few of the many reasons why you and your friends should start packing for Gokarna as soon as possible!

7. Hampi

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If your idea of a “friends trip” includes visiting old ruins of prestigious temples and archaic monuments with secrets hidden beneath their foundations, then a trip to Hampi is essential. The enchanting scenery and beautiful architecture of Hampi’s temple remnants, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, will undoubtedly inspire a sense of tranquilly in you and your guests.

You and your companions can go rock climbing, meet people from all over the world, eat delectable Karnataka cuisine, and ride coracles down the Tungabhadra River, among other exciting activities.

8. Pondicherry

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There’s no better alternative than this if you’re seeking some thrilling yet completely safe places to go with a friend! Pristine beaches, sun-kissed shorelines, beach campfires with music, and picturesque cruises, are just a few of the attractions. Sounds exciting, right? Then gather your friends and begin planning!

9. Delhi

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Innumerable bars, lounges, pubs, clubs, music venues, cafes, and gaming lanes combine a dash of Mumbai’s laid-back atmosphere with a taste of Goa’s hippy culture. Is there anything further to say? It may be noisy, busy, and polluting, but that doesn’t stop people from all over the country from visiting and having a good time. The nightlife in Delhi, India’s capital and a city of 25 million people, is not to be missed during your visit.

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10. Mount Abu

mount abu
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This hill station is surrounded by beautiful splendor all around, nestled amidst the high mountains of the Aravalli Range. The good climatic circumstances, the tranquil scenery, and the abundance of tourist attractions all contribute to a delightful trip with friends. Take a trip to one of the hills with your friends to see a spectacular sunset.

11. Kasol

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Kasol, which is located on the banks of the Parvati River, is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing enormous crowds all year. Kasol is all about living the high life, a destination for travellers looking to rest, unwind, and take in the scenery of the spectacular Himalayas.

12. Coorg

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Coorg, located in Karnataka’s the Western Ghats, is a popular summer destination for those seeking relief from the heat and an escape to the greenery away from the concrete jungle. It’s also a great place to get together with some buddies and arrange a trip to appreciate nature and tough hikes. There will also be some gorgeous waterfalls to delight the sight and instantly revive your soul.

13. Valley of Flowers

valley of flowers
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Valley of Flowers is one of the treks that may be completed without the assistance of a guide. If you and your pals enjoy adventure, trekking with them would be a fantastic experience. The location is known for its flowering and is only open for a limited time each year. Because it is popular with adventure and environment lovers, you will need to make all of your preparations ahead of time. So, plan ahead of time.

14. Kannur

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Kannur is most recognised for its beachside sites, diverse beaches, and proximity to the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, all of which contribute to the region’s thriving cultural scene. Come for relaxing long-term retreats with friends, and stay for the iconic eateries, sightseeing locations, and adventure-friendly day adventures. Kannur can be a low budget holiday with friend.

15. Sunderbans

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The West Bengal mangrove wonderland is home to some of India’s most diversified flora and animals. The Sundarban National Park, hidden amidst the Ganga delta, is the highlight of this vacation, where you may see regal Bengal tigers. If you want to go on an adventure holiday with your friends and experience a beautiful region of Eastern India, come here.

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16. Roopkund Lake

roopkund lake
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There is no better, more thrilling trip than walking to the Roopkund Lake in Uttarakhand, where hundreds of people perished on that awful day many years ago. Sure, it’ll be a lengthy trip through snowy landscapes, forests, streams, meadows, and more, but you and your friends won’t find as much peace and closeness to nature anywhere else!

17. Bhangarh

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Each group has that one guy or girl who never misses an occasion to talk about his bravery and courage. Bring that person to Bhangarh and see how brave he truly is! It’s without a doubt one of the best sites in India to visit with pals for some small-time frightening thrills. If you want to get a big adrenaline rush and spot the weasel in your team, you’ll need to be inside the ruined fort after sundown, which is located in Alwar.

18. Jim Corbett

jim corbett
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This place had to be on the list of magnificent places to visit with friends in India. How can you plan a trip with your pals without considering a wild adventure safari? Get out of town and into the wilderness with your closest pals. A visit to Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park will allow you to connect not just with nature, but also with one another. There are about 400 types of animals and flora in the park. Explore the forest with your guide and you might just come upon a Royal Bengal Tiger, a Leopard, or a herd of wild elephants.

19. Spiti Valley

spiti valley
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Consider a large expanse of the dry area with a clear blue sky, cotton candy clouds at high elevations surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and fluttering prayer flags against vivid Buddhist monasteries in the distance. Spiti Valley is a vast, cold desert mountain valley located in Himachal Pradesh’s Himalayas. This is the territory that separates Tibet from India, thus a trip to this section of the northern land with friends is unavoidable.

20. Nainital

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The primary attraction here, known as India’s Lake District, is the Naini Lake, where boating and a horseback ride to the top of Naina Peak, the highest point, are two of the best things to do. You can do a few things here with your pals while admiring the visual magnificence of the strange scenery and the beautiful Himalayan ranges that surround it.

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Make a trip to one of these Indian vacation spots with your friends. You can also construct a low-budget bucket list of locations to visit in India with your friends so that you don’t have to break the bank while having fun.