Checkout Leaked Images From FRIENDS Reunion Shoot- It’s Finally Happening!


FRIENDS Reunion has some new updates which you can find out here. HBO recently released the trailer of FRIENDS Reunion and we also got to see some leaked video scenes from the special episode. You can click here to find out the new trailer and leaked clips of the FRIENDS Reunion.

If you are reading this then you are a crazy head who loves FRIENDS a lot like me! So cheers mate, it’s finally happening. The moment of happiness is here. The thing we have been waiting for so long is about to happen and it is going to be the craziest thing ever. Last year they announced the Reunion but the curse of Corona brought havoc to our dreams. But here we are: not shattered, not exhausted, not given up yet. We knew it will happen and it would be the best.

Recently, it was David Schwimmer who announced that the shoot for the Reunion is about to begin and he was going to meet the cast soon. Many were overjoyed after learning this and now to double that happiness something more has surfaced. If the sources and the pictures are to be believed then the sets are ready and the shoot has already begun. Isn’t that amazing?

HBO has not given any official date for the release of this special reunion episode but we know it’s going to be soon enough. Since the shoot has started already, it should not take much time to bring out the final product to us. Well, as far as we know, the show won’t be anything like the FRIENDS show we know till now. The 10 seasons we have watched already is like the legacy and nobody would like to disturb or tamper that legacy. Even the show makers have taken note of the same and tried to play safe with the Reunion Episode. As per sources and confirmations by different members related to the show, the reunion will more like a talk show rather than the comedy show we know it for. Yes, the special episode will bring in the cast and a few others together and facilitate a discussion.

friends reunion leaked pictures from the outside of the warner bros studio
Presumably, the lobby of the FRIEND Reunion as viewed from outside

They might discuss their experience or how their life was during those days and many more things that we can’t even imagine right now. As hinted by David Schwimmer, they might even do a little table read where they might play their characters. Rather than the table read, don’t expect them to be in their characters because the special episode is not meant to be that way. So get set for a show where you will see all the six characters from the show coming together on screen after such a long time and reliving those good old days with words.

The show isn’t exactly what many fans might have imagined about but rest assured it won’t be that disappointing. In fact, a show where they try to act their characters would have been a disaster for sure. I am saying it would be a disaster because we have seen them in their 30s’and now they are far old than that. Considering their age and stories, they would have changed a lot and many of us won’t like to see them that way. Imagine a Joey who is all grown up and settled for a single girl! That would not register well in our minds and will eventually destroy the legacy we have.

So leaving things in the past is the best they could do in the reunion. And now, getting back to the sets and the pictures that have surfaced recently, you would just love them. They aren’t official pictures but have been uploaded by different sources who might have attended the show and sneakily took pictures for crazy fans like us! Though we don’t encourage such activities involving sneaking to get the shots but also couldn’t stop sharing the joy with you. So here we go:

first secret pics of chandler bing and molly hurwitz walking towards the sets of the friends reunion
Chandler Bing & Molly Hurwitz presumably walking towards the FRIENDS Reunion Sets

Guess, who was spotted walking towards the sets? It’s none other than the sarcasm King himself. Well, he isn’t alone anymore but recently got engaged and the lady ought to be her fiance, Molly Hurwitz. So they look all prepped up for the show. A few more clicks were taken by someone whose identity isn’t known yet.

chandler bing walking towards the friends reunion sets in 2021
Chandler Bing looks ready for the show!

Matthew surely has gained some weight but that can never disappoint us till his sarcasm is intact because that’s what kills us the best. Judging from his outfit, the show is ought to be a talk show as suggested earlier. But we never know, what’s cooking inside so stay tuned!

chandler bing and molly hurwitz go inside the fiends reunion sets in images leaked recently
Molly Hurwitz & Chandler Bing walking towards the sets

But that’s not all, the reveal has just begun and we are not going to disappoint you at all. The things revealed by the leak are huge and have helped us connect the dots in our brain regarding the Reunion. So to gather a few more clues here’s the next cast member who headed towards the Reunion Sets and was spotted by some fan.

jennifer aniston heading towards the friends reunion show
That’s apparently, Jennifer Aniston heading towards the FRIENDS Reunion shoot

Did you get the pic? Yes, that’s Jennifer Aniston in the car who is presumably headed towards the FRIENDS Reunion shooting sets as informed by the sources. Well, if everyone’s out and headed somewhere then what else can you think of rather than a reunion happening? So all the clues point towards the reunion happening and this time with full prep.

insider pics leaked online from the friends reunion sets in warner bros
Looks like everyone’s ready to celebrate! The Reunion!

The picture above surfaced and is reportedly from the venue hosting the FRIENDS Reunion. Aren’t you excited? No one knows for sure what happened inside but these are visuals leaked by people who go the chance to be in there. Though the pic doesn’t show us much, but confirms the ongoing Reunion and also throws light on the uncertainty hanging for so long. But the next pic would be super exciting because it shows us the sets and the place where we can expect the cast to be sitting and taking the show ahead.

friends reunion first glimpse from the rumoured sets
Glimpse of the FRIENDS Reunion Sets featuring the Orange Couch

The orange couch has become an icon in itself. It’s filled with emotions because the cast in the show had numerous scenes in the coffee house while sitting on that couch. We always wonder where to find such a couch and many of us might have already installed a replica of it in their house. So don’t shy away from posting the picture of your couch in the comments section.

The pic above confirms the shoot and the location, well it’s the same location in Warner Bros studio where the Theme Song, “I’ll Be There For You…” Was shot. The place might be used for their talk show or it also gives way for the possibility of a new and modern Theme song shoot to be made especially for the FRIENDS Reunion. Either way, we win and enjoy.

friends reunion set leaked pics from monica's apartment
Reportedly, a picture from Monica’s Apartment recreated for the FRIENDS Reunion.

Here’s Monica’s Apartment recreated for the special FRIENDS Reunion show and you can clearly notice some changes from the one we already know and saw in the previous episodes. It leaves us in wonder as to what kind of a storyline are they planning because Monica and Chandler were supposed to move out of this apartment. Then how are they going to get back here and if at all they do, what’s exciting is going to happen?

warner bros logo from friends reunion sets
Warner Bros is set to bring us the FRIENDS Reunion

Well, thanks to Warner Bros that a dream will come live and we can’t just wait anymore. Hopefully, they share the dates of the release soon. If you are wondering where to watch this special episode, then here is the answer: click here to check out where you can watch the FRIENDS Reunion once it is out for everyone.

Here we are showcasing a few more pics for you to enjoy and cherish unless new ones pop in. Hopefully, the cast and Warner Bros. too come up with some official pictures and info to spice things up a little more.

friends reunion monica and rachel hugging each other leaked images

A picture defines a lot many emotions and this one shows us how they too wanted this to happen. Guess the people in the picture if you can. It’s not a prank but they are totally from the FRIENDS Reunion for sure.

Stay excited and spread the news because “It’s Happening!” finally. Recently, HBO has released the dates for the FRIENDS Reunion which is scheduled to premiere on 27th May 2021. The lead actors of the show along with HBO released a teaser on Instagram that made the world go crazy. The special episode will see many guests ranging from Justin Beiber to BTS.

For more details about the reunion and to see the full list of guests coming on the FRIENDS Reunion click here and you will see all the details. Here’s a video released by HBO on Instagram:


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You will also be surprised to know some leaked plot and jokes which are to be featured on the show. In a few interviews, David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox happened to release a few details from the show which you will find in this article: Jokes and Details from FRIENDS Reunion.