The 15 Best Beaches in Goa You Should Not Miss On Your First Goa Trip


Travellers sometimes wonder how many beaches in Goa they should visit when arranging a trip to this coastal paradise. It’s a difficult effort to prioritise given the distinct identities of the prominent beaches in North and South Goa. So, the next time you’re planning a trip to Goa,

Keep this list in mind to make your vacation memorable,

1. Baga Beach

baga beach
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Not everyone visits the beach to unwind. You can party all day in Baga, with the picturesque emerald beach and blue waters as your backdrop. There are numerous pubs and nightclubs along the entire stretch. With Tito’s and Mambo’s cafes, this is one of Goa’s greatest beaches for nightlife.

Because of its popularity, Baga Beach is a popular place to stay. You can have a fantastic seafood meal at the shacks, visit a flea market, and buy trinkets all in one afternoon. While dashing through the waves on a speedboat, take in the sunset and feel the ocean breeze.

2. Calangute Beach

calangute beach
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One of Goa’s nicest beaches, with a long thin stretch of beautiful sand and a clear sea in a thousand colours of blue. It’s only 15 kilometres from Panaji and one of north Goa’s largest beaches. For watersports, this is the best beach.

Calangute Beach is your go-to destination for an adrenaline rush, with a variety of water activities such as surfing, parasailing, and water skiing. After a swim in the clear waters, visit the Kerkar Art Complex to see the works of local artists. You can also walk through the outdoor markets and buy locally created goods.

3. Candolim Beach

candolim beach
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This trail of white sand beach with lapis lazuli water is only 13 kilometres from Panaji. There is no shortage of things to do in Candolim Beach, and there is plenty to keep you occupied from twilight until dawn. This 30-kilometre stretch of shoreline runs from Fort Aguada to Chapora Beach. Before sitting down to a barefoot lunch at Claudina’s Shack, try your hand at parasailing, catamaran sailing, jet skiing, and banana rides. Then take a trek to Aguada Fort to see the historical site.

4. Vagator Beach

vagator beach
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Vagator, located just 21 kilometres from Panaji, is unquestionably one of Goa’s top beaches for honeymooners. This beach will enchant you with its peaceful and lovely ambience.

This white sand beach provides a great contrast to the magnificent blue of the sea, set amidst towering rocky cliffs and flanked by large stretches of coconut trees. Vagator has become one of the best beaches for foreign visitors, and it is gradually gaining popularity among Indian visitors.

5. Anjuna Beach

anjuna beach
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This beach is known for its tranquil waters, delectable seafood, live music, and bustling flea markets. This is why it is regarded as one of the best places to unwind and enjoy yourself — a one-stop-shop for all of your plans.

Take a seat at one of the famous beach shacks and relax for the evening. The laid-back ambience and bohemian spirit will undoubtedly make this an unforgettable experience.

6. Chapora Beach

chapora beach
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Chapora is a rough beauty that is undeniably one of Goa’s most photographed beaches. Even with the exponential growth in tourists each year, this is the only beach that has managed to maintain its unique personality.

The wonderful mood is created by the whitish sand beach, the contrasting black lava rocks, and the nearby huge Chapora Fort. If you’re in the area, don’t miss a visit to the enormous Chapora village to learn more about the local culture.

7. Morijim Beach

morijim beach
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This is one of North Goa’s most secluded beaches. If you wanted to spend some alone time reading pages from a novel, this would be the place for it. Morjim Beach, with its peculiar tranquil ambience, provided the ideal setting for me to unwind throughout this journey.

This beach is also a great place to go bird watching, and it’s where Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs. Only put this one on your list if you want to unwind after a night of late-night partying and loud music.

8. Arambol Beach

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This is an excellent choice for families travelling together. Everything from food to lodging is inexpensive near this beach, making it a budget traveller’s dream. It mimics a cove and serves as a gathering spot for those looking to experience Goa’s nightlife.

9. Mandrem Beach

mandrem beach
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The beach shacks dot this gorgeous white sand beach. While the tides kiss your feet, these bamboo footbridges provide the ideal scene for a romantic night with your loved one. As a result, this beach is also regarded as one of the greatest for honeymooners.

10. Palolem Beach

beaches in goa
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Palolem is one of Goa’s most popular beaches, and it is located in the south of the state, away from the bustle of the north. This palm-fringed white sand beach with breathtaking vistas is ideal for families and couples alike.

Yoga sessions, dolphin spotting, and ayurvedic massages are all available to those who want to soothe their senses.

11. Patnem Beach

patnem beach
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Patnem beach is a hidden gem just a 21-minute walk from Palolem beach. In South Goa, this is a less popular and slightly unusual beach to visit. This is a foodie’s dream come true. Everything from mouthwatering New Zealand lamb dishes to vegan meals may be found here.

You will be discouraged in Patnem if you are searching for lively nightlife. Because the atmosphere is mostly relaxed and slow.

12. Colva Beach

colva beach
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Colva beach, with its 2.4 kilometres of golden sand and coconut trees, is one of Goa’s top ten beaches.

This one has the best selection of beach shacks, a delectable seafood buffet, pubs, and low-cost lodging alternatives. Watersports such as jet-skiing, snorkelling, and speedboat trips are also available at Colva Beach.

13. Agonda Beach

agonda beach
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If you want to detach from the outer world, Agonda Beach is the place to go. This 3 kilometres pure stretch of untainted beauty is about 10 minutes north of the famous Palolem Beach. Agonda beach is one of the greatest beaches in Goa for family vacations because hawkers are not permitted.

14. Benaulim Beach

benaulim beach
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This is one of Goa’s nicest beaches, and the tranquil atmosphere will make you fall in love with it. The beach’s quiet location makes it one of Goa’s top beaches for couples.

Take a long walk with your loved one while admiring the beautiful sunset. When hunger pains strike, the beach cabins will come to your rescue.

15. Butterfly Beach

butterfly beach
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Amid Goa, there is a hidden gem. This beach, which is located to the north of Palolem Beach, is quickly becoming one of the greatest in the area. Butterfly Beach is the place to go if you want to have a relaxing and serene vacation.

The name comes from the fact that this area is home to a variety of butterfly species. Aside from refining your photographic skills, you may enjoy the gorgeous sunset and some delectable seafood delicacies.

Keep in mind to include all the famous beaches in Goa in your next Goa vacation itinerary now that you have a good idea of where to go.